A New Year’s Resolution

Mind Your Own Business

Yes, it is a week after the 1st of the year but the idea or inspiration for this resolution started a while before the 1st got here.

I have not made resolutions for some time. They never seem to last very long and as I look back most of them usually had to do with me losing weight and that always seemed to fail by the end of January. Besides, at this point in my life if I go through another year feeling halfway decent and avoid any major medical issues I consider it a victory.

Early last month while I was finishing my studies for the year I came along a piece of scripture that really spoke to me and I thought it would make a great New Year’s Resolution. Since then it has appeared a couple more times in various places. When I start encountering the same scripture over and over I figure it is something God wants to impress upon me. The scripture that caught me was 1 Thessalonians 4:11: “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you.” (1984 NIV)

I don’t have much problem leading a quiet life as I don’t kick up my heals so to speak anymore. Working with my hands is something I have been doing in my chosen profession for 45 years now and as long as God continues to bless me with health and a job, I plan on continuing that. The portion of this scripture that really worked on me though was “mind your own business.” Now when I first read that it speaks of keeping my nose out of others affairs and that is one of the definitions of that statement. But I started looking into what it is to “mind” something. This is what I found.

We use the verb mind to mean ‘take care or be careful of or about something’, or ‘pay attention to something’. In this meaning, we usually use it in the imperative: Mind your step! We can also use mind to mean ‘take care of someone or something’: My mother has offered to mind the children while we are away.

In this line of thinking then, to mind my own business is to take care of, be careful of or pay attention to my own business. So what is “my business?” It’s my own little day to day world. My family, those close to me that I love and care about and those I come into contact with each day. Those are the things I should be paying attention to, taking care of and putting my energies into. In this day and age of mass media, internet and instant access, we can get so wrapped up in events and affairs that we have no control over. World issues, politics, and disasters are just a few. I’m not saying to not pay attention to these things that are going on in the world but so often over a period of time we let these people and events creep slowly into our lives that they become worrisome and cause us undue stress and in most cases, these are things we have no control over and can’t change anyway. The end result is that we neglect our own business, the things around us that we should be taking care of and watching over.

Many times I have heard it said that if you want to change the world then go home and love your family. I think that is what this scripture has been speaking to me about. Lead a quiet life while working my job, love and take care of my family and love those around me that I come in contact with. I think if we all did that there would be a lot less stress and a lot more contentment in our lives. And it just might change the world too!

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