A Road Less Traveled

Lonely Highway

Well, our vacation is finally over. In 14 days we traveled 4,329 miles across the Midwest and part of the Pacific Northwest on our Goldwing Trike. This was something my wife and I had looked forward to for a long time. We have never taken a real vacation together in 44 years of marriage.

The trip was all planned out and one of my favorite days was the first one. Most of that was the anticipation factor and the fact that we spent all year working toward this and it was finally here, so the anticipation was high. First day was around 475 miles and we were going to stay in Valentine, Nebraska. We planned the first day so that we could travel the second half of the day on highway 97 from Mullen, Nebraska to Valentine. It was rated as one of the better scenic roads to travel on motorcycle in Nebraska.

We left that morning and took Interstate 70 West and then North into Nebraska until we hit Interstate 80 going West to North Platte. That would eventually take us to highway 97. Now I had heard from people that I-80 could be very hectic. Not that they drive that much faster but there is a lot of traffic, especially trucks on that road. My information was correct, there was a lot more traffic than on I-70 and traffic is moving between 75-80 mph. This can be manageable in a regular vehicle but it can be just a little nerve wracking on a motorcycle with large over the road trucks jockeying for position and other cars cutting in and out. You pretty much need to be on top of your game and focused.

Highway 97 is the exact opposite. We had several hours of open road, rolling hills and countryside at a slower 60-65 mph pace. You could drive for over an hour and only see 2 other vehicles and one of those was out in the pasture working cattle. I had the rest of the day to put my feet up on the highway pegs, set the cruise and relax. It was a great time to just enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, spend time alone with Him in prayer, worship and meditation.

It was during this time that I realized we tend to live most of our lives on Interstate 80. We get up each day and go 75 mph trying to get things done, getting to our job, taking care of kids, getting things done around the house, fixing supper and then it’s bed time. Then we get up and start the entire process again. Day after day, at breakneck speed with all the stress that goes along with it. It seems to me that God wants us to live our lives more like highway 97 than I-80. Live each day at a slower speed taking time to be alone with God in our thoughts and prayers. To take time to enjoy his creation around us and to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones. The more time I spent each day on vacation the more I was convinced that God would rather have us live life on highway 97.

One of my favorite scriptures is Luke 5:16. “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” After a hectic day with crowds of people coming to listen to him preach and be healed of sickness, Jesus needed time alone to pray with the Father. You don’t necessarily need to drive 4,000 miles or take 2 weeks off to accomplish this. Just slow down, pull off the Interstate and take some time each day to get alone with God in prayer. Take time on your way to work and enjoy the sunrise He provided. Take an evening and spend with family, friends and loved ones. Live your life on the road less traveled, you’ll be glad you did.

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