Entertaining Angels


It’s been around three decades or a little more since the height of my martial arts days back in Dodge City, Kansas. In those days I was part of an advanced class that used to meet in a gymnastics center at a shopping plaza for our workouts.

There were about a half a dozen of us in the class along with our Sensei. (On a side note, Sensei in Japanese means teacher. I find it interesting that Rabboni in Aramaic means teacher also.) We were all much younger then and those were the days of high adventure. (Shameless Conan reference). 😉

On a particular Saturday morning I remember a very old gentleman coming into the center and wanting to talk to our Sensei. We were told to continue to work on our technique while Sensei talked to him. When they were done the old man left and Sensei rejoined us. We were feeling our oats and told Sensei he should have hit the old guy with a throw, like a hip throw or shoulder throw for interrupting our workout. Sensei, not missing out on a teaching moment, told us we should always respect others, besides, for all we knew, that man may have been a 10th degree Black Belt and we just didn’t know it.

This entire incident came flooding back to me the other day as I was reading Hebrews. Let brotherly love continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:1-2. My Sensei may or may not have known it at the time but besides giving us a martial arts lesson, he was instilling Biblical principals in us as well.

Hospitality, respect for others, love of others as yourself are principles taught throughout the Bible. Abraham did it when the two angles visited him in Genesis 18. God tells the Hebrew people in Leviticus 19 to love their neighbors as themselves. In Matthew 22 when Jesus is asked which is the greatest commandment he talks of loving your neighbor as yourself. And Paul in Philippians 2 admonishes us in humility to consider others above ourselves not looking to our own interests but each of us to the interests of the others. Philippians 2:3-4

There are many other examples throughout scripture but it is clear that our Lord calls us to love others and think of others above ourselves and treat them properly. In our “Me First/I Want” society these days it seems to me we could benefit from loving others as ourselves and putting others interests above our own. If everyone each week would do one act of kindness in serving someone, give someone a ride, buy them lunch or just give a compliment that would lift someone up and brighten their day, what a difference it would make in our world and the Kingdom.

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