My Testimony

This is my Testimony of how I came to the Lord Jesus Christ. I was born in Darmstadt Germany in 1953 of a German mother and an unknown father. I was then adopted by American parents who were living in England at the time while my adopted father was in the Military.

I have never been a very religious person. I hardly remember even going to Sunday school as we moved around the world when my folks were in the Military. Once my Father retired from the military we settled in Western Kansas, where I attended a small town Church there. Back in those teenage days, I usually went to Church just to get out of the house.

Then my Father died when I was 20, I pretty much turned away from the Church, as I couldn’t understand why he was taken from me as I was just beginning to know him. I became angry with God and for many years I had nothing to do with the Church. I hardened myself against relationships with people and family. I felt I didn’t need anyone or anything. That terrible Pride affected the people around me, especially my wife and children.

Now I’m a huge Minnesota Vikings fan and have been most of my life. I have prospered enough over the years that I finally became a season ticket holder. Over the past couple years, while in Minnesota at the Vikings games I started noticing after each game the players had a “Prayer Circle”. Players from both teams would get together for prayer after each game to give thanks to God for being able to have the ability and health to play such a game. I thought I too am very lucky to be able to attend such games and began to question just why I was so lucky, so blessed with the wonderful life I have.
I started turning more and more to God as the answer. It was then that I decided to start taking pictures of the Prayer Circle each game and posting them on my website.

In April of 2008 an Internet friend of mine (Gene) who is also a Vikings fan contacted me about the pictures. Gene and I have talked and worked together for years on Vikings stuff, but have never met. He commented on the Prayer Circle photos and asked if I was a Christian. I told him that I was not what you probably would call a Christian but I was making some kind of attempt.

He asked if I would like to study the Bible with him. Not wanting to offend him, I told him that was fine, but I didn’t think I had a Bible here in the house. He told me not to worry, as he had many and would send me one. He would start me out reading certain chapters and we could discuss them in email. It would be our own little Bible study group.

While waiting for the Bible to arrive I got into a religious discussion with a coworker one day. I told him that the Bible would be easier to believe if they would just perform a miracle once in a while. You know, part a sea, bring back the dead, etc. About a week after this conversation my Bible from Gene arrived. He told me to start by reading the book of John. That weekend I started my reading and one of the first things I came across was a passage called “Healing a Nobleman’s Son.” Jesus had performed a couple miracles and this Nobleman came to him as his son was very sick and wanted him cured. Jesus basically told him “if you people don’t see a miracle every day you just won’t believe.” This passage hit me a like a ton of bricks. I stared at that for the longest time. It was like God was speaking directly to me in that passage.

I finished reading John and wrote Gene about my experiences. He suggested I read Acts next, as it sets out what you need to do to enter the Kingdom of God, the establishment of the Church and what God expects of us every day. The more I read Acts and discussed my studies with Gene, the more I felt I wanted to find a Church. I started searching around on the Internet. I knew I wanted a Church that studied the Bible as the true word of God. I checked some Churches out on the Internet and listened to their online sermons. Nothing really made a connection for me. Then one day I clicked on a Google link to a Church I thought looked familiar. It was a small Church I ride my bike past on my way to work each day. I checked out their site and liked what I read. I also checked out some of their online sermons. They were studying Acts, just as Gene and I were. I listened to one of them and figured I might go there some time.

About a week later I checked out another one of their sermons called “Why I’m a Christian.” The Pastor talked about a philosopher that spent his life denying Christ, but as he got older he started to question why he was so prosperous. Why he had such a loving wife. Why he had such a wonderful family. He kept coming back to the fact that it had to be God. Well, again I was taken aback. This sounded just like me, and I felt that the Pastor was talking to me in that sermon. So on August 17, 2008, for the first time in over 35 years, I went to Church. Not because it was a wedding or funeral, but to actually worship God. The Worship Minister that day played a song titled “Here I am To Worship”. I could hardly contain the tears.

The following week Pastor told the story of a young girl that wanted to accept Christ as her savior. She said that her Dad used to be a violent and angry man. He would come home and throw stuff and kick doors. She used to have to hide from her Father. But once he was saved he wasn’t like that anymore and if God could do that for her Daddy, just think what he could do for her. I lost it on this one. That story described me to a tee.

Finally, on my third week at Church, Pastor talked about Paul’s first journey to Cypress and asked why, of all the places Paul traveled, God sent him there first. Paul was Jewish and there was a Synagogue there, so why would he send him there on his first journey? He said that God sent Paul there because that was where he could best succeed on his first journey. I sat there with tears in my eyes as I realized that God had been speaking to me and working through several people and events to direct me to this Church because that was where I could best succeed in my Faith and Worship. I had a meeting with Pastor the following Monday and explained my experience to him. He told me that I was ready for the next step in my journey. So on September 21, 2008, I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and was baptized in a local lake here and my life has never been the same.

Besides the things I have mentioned here, there have been many other things that I can point to that is nothing other than God working through other people and events in order to direct me towards this point in my life. I never understood it when people would say that God spoke to them. Yeah, sure he did, I would think. But I understand now. God really did speak to me. Not in a voice like most people would think, but in actions and deeds. If you are considering making a move towards Christ or think that God may be speaking to you, I urge you to take the step toward him, walk with him, and accept him as your Savior. You won’t be sorry as your life will be changed forever.

Mike Perkins – The Kansas Viking

98 Responses to My Testimony

  1. David Wing says:

    Welcome to the family of God Mike!

    I’ve been accessing the Kansas Viking web page for about a year now for news and updates on the Vikes as I too am a huge fan. I always appreciated the work and effort you put into the site in gathering all the most recent information. It has been awesome, but now it has taken on a whole other impact knowing that you are a fellow brother in Christ. I truly appreciated your testimony for the Lord and your endeavor to be used of Him through your webpage. I am praying that the Lord blesses it immeasurably with much eternal fruit. And PRIASE the LORD for His wonderful salvation found in His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. As you are well aware, there are so many people who are desperately searching for the truth and meaning of life, that can only come from a personal relationship with God. God bless, my new brother! In Christ, grace and peace to you and your family — David

  2. kansasvike says:

    Thank you so much David. Your comments mean the world to me. And you are right. There are millions of people out there that don’t know they matter to God and that he loves them.

    My friend guided me towards the Lord and I only hope this blog can maybe do the same for someone else.

    May God bless you and yours this coming year.


  3. Pastor Randy Upgren says:

    Very interested to read your story. I am a pastor in Bismarck ND, and have been a Viking fan since my childhood starting around 1975. I have benefited from the “one-stop shopping” your site offers in terms of Viking news. Thanks for your efforts. I really appreciate them.

    I have heard alot of conversion stories from people over my 20 years of ministry, and yours certainly has some similar threads. Following Jesus is not boring or lame … it is the greatest adventure one could embark on … and a chance to have role in the greatest epic story ever told. God bless you on your journey.

    Happy New Year

    Pastor Randy Upgren
    Charity Lutheran Church
    Bismarck ND

  4. kansasvike says:

    Thank you Pastor. Never would I have believed all this was possible. But each day is a new day for me in my walk with God. I just pray that people out there don’t wait as long as I did to make that commitment.

    Good luck to you.


  5. Dave Coates says:

    Mike, I visit Kansas Viking site almost everyday,it’s great. Latest story of the day…. Faith blog, surprised me. I checked it out and went to your testimony. It made me think of mine and I am feeling pretty good right now,knowing how much we are all loved. Thank you for sharing.

    Jesus is Lord


  6. Karl says:

    I have been visiting you site for a couple of years now. I like what the Pastor said, the one stop shopping for all things Viking. I was very interested in your testimony and have been looking for something myself. I have been searching for a new way. I still need to take the next step. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Happy New Year and God Bless.


  7. kansasvike says:

    Thank you so much Dave. I’m overwhelmed with the responses today. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get this many on the first day. You always here the statement “Army of God.” Well, it sure seems like it’s out there.

    Take care and good luck in the coming year.


  8. kansasvike says:

    Karl. You will know when the time is right, and as I mentioned in the testimony, I urge you to make that step. Once you do, you will know what I’m talking about. It truly is the greatest event in your life. Sounds like you are on the right track. Please let me know how your journey progresses.

    Good luck. You will be in my prayers.


  9. Jimmy says:

    I have been visiting the Kansas Viking for about 3 years. It is one of my favorite sites.

    I will be visiting this site as well.

    Happy New Year and God Bless.


  10. kansasvike says:

    Thanks Jimmy. I will be trying to post and add content here as much as possible.

    May the Lord smile on you and yours in the coming year.


  11. gyork3 says:

    Thanks for your witness..Ihave many things I would like to add, but you did very well without my help Feel free to include me in your discussion My typing is slow as I am recovering from a stroke. In my searc , I have found Ravi Zacharias and Erwi Lutzerhelpful. MayGod watch over and bless you and your family.

  12. kansasvike says:

    Thank you Sir. I will definitely check out the two people you mentioned. And you will be in my prayers for a quick recovery from you stroke.


  13. Darrin says:

    I’ve appreciate for a long time now, but it’s awesome to hear about having “the right priorities.” I’m excited to hear your testimony and especially about God’s faithfulness. Thanks for being bold and forthright. I agree with gyork3 about Ravi Zacharias being an excellent teacher and author. May God continue to reveal Himself to you daily. Go Vikes!

  14. kansasvike says:

    Thanks a lot Darrin. I will definitely have to check out Ravi Zacharias. I haven’t heard of him, but then again, I’m just now making my way reading the Bible for the first time in my life. There is so much great information out there and people to learn from. I sometimes feel like a sponge trying to soak it all up.

    God Bless


  15. Mark says:

    Wow- Thank the Lord for that testimony- above all Mike- stay in the Word. Jesus Christ is the center of it- He say’s, “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” And all- everyone– heaven, earth, hell- will ultimately bow to Him (Php.2).I was saved 25 years ago. I’ve been a fan for 40 years and access your site a couple times a week- my 11 year old is also a fan- he’s here every day. This will give me even more reason to visit.

  16. kansasvike says:

    Thanks Mark. Staying in the word is something I pray for everyday. I always ask the Lord to help me keep him first and foremost in the things I do every day. It’s really helped since several of us have now started a Bible study group at work. We get together everyday at noon and during lunch we worship, answer each others questions and study his word. It’s been great for all of us.

    God Bless


  17. Matt says:

    Mike, what a journey! I am excited for you and your calling to faith. I myself am a Pastor serving 3 churches and a campus ministry. You have a powerful witness and such a wonderful tool in the website to reach others for Christ. Be blessed! See you at the game sometime.

    Pastor Matt

  18. kansasvike says:

    Thank you so much Pastor. If just one person reads something here and comes to Jesus because of it, it will be a glorious thing. I’ll be going to less games in the future, but when I do go, it would be great to run into you.

    God Bless


  19. Pastor Jared Horton says:


    Like many of the others, I have come to your site for years to keep up on the latest Viking news. I just became the pastor of a church plant last summer. Your story reminded me of how far God has taken me in my walk with Him. I remember giving my life to Christ, then being baptized in a very cold nearby lake. And I see myself as a pastor now and thank God for His hand on my life.

    And, I think that the trumpet call mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 will sound a lot like a Viking horn!

    Thank you and God bless.

    Pastor Jared Horton

  20. kansasvike says:

    Thank you Pastor. When I was baptized it was late September and had been cold for a few days. While it was bright and sunny the water was cold. But once the ceremony started I never seemed to notice it again. And you know, I would give up a Super Bowl win to hear that trumpet sound like that too. 😉

    Take care and God Bless


  21. kurt goodwin says:

    dear mike,
    i’ve been visiting your site for 8 or 9 months, i guess. just discovered your testimony. guess i wasn’t checking deeply enough. so happy to find that’s it’s run by a Christian brother, who has his priorities right. nice to have a sight where i won’t have to put up with foul language or God-bashing. thanks, mike. may the Lord use your site to His glory. Jesus IS Lord.

  22. kansasvike says:

    You’re welcome Kurt and thanks for the kind words. You also didn’t miss anything. I just got the Faith Blog up and running on the 1st. I plan on adding to it on a regular basis.

    Take care and God Bless


  23. Chris aka Vikingmachine says:


    Thanks for sharing you story, it had me on the verge of tears in spots. I have also often had the same thoughts/questions that you had and it really hit home to me. I was baptized 20 years ago and have really fluctuated during that time. Your story has made be step back and think about how I can be a better Christian and focus again on that part of my life. Thanks Mike!


  24. kansasvike says:

    You’re welcome Chris. I have walked outside the circle all of my life and worshiped all the wrong things. I have wondered several times over the last few months why it took me so long to make the right decision. I still don’t know, but I am thankful that once God opened the door for me that I stepped through.

    Take care and God Bless you and your family.


  25. Greg Anderson says:

    Hey Mike,
    Wow. What a blessing to read of your faith in Christ- and your love for the purple nation! I have been bleeding purple for the past 38 years. Started following the Vikes around 1970 as a 7 year old! So tonight I stubbled across your site while trying to find some info on next season. (still suffering from yeaterdays loss!)I was just about to click out when I noticed your “faith blog”. As I read your story, I was so inspired and filled with grattitude for what God has done in your life. I’m actually a Pastor in Ft Lauderdale FL, and if there is any way I can serve you as you walk with Jesus, please let me know. Good to know we are brothers in Christ, as well as members of the Viking nation! God Bless- Greg

  26. kansasvike says:

    Thank you for the kind comments Pastor. Sounds like you have been following the Vikings almost as long as I have. They are a team that will definitely test a fans patience. 😉 And thank you for the offer of help. I will definitely keep you in mind as I’m sure my journey will not always be smooth sailing.

    Take care and God Bless


  27. Matt says:

    I have been coming to this site for quite awhile now, and have even exchanged an email or two with you as a fellow viking fan from kansas. Congrats on your now found faith. I too lost my father at a very young age, and I know some of the feeling you talk about when it comes to harding yourself from relationships. It is amazing when you step back and look at how blessed you are isn’t it? I get a lot of flack from people I know for “being happy” all the time. But, it is hard not to be happy when you know that your life has been blessed by God. I am healthy, have a great wife, a roof over my head, food on my table, and beleif in my heart about what is to come later in life. Stay inspired, and never be afraid to share your faith like you have here.

  28. kansasvike says:

    Thanks Matt. Boy is it ever true about the smile. Every day is a good day now and I come into work with a smile on my face all the time. As you said, some of the people look at me and can’t figure out why I have that smile, but the other believers know.

    Thanks for dropping by and offering the words of encouragement. May the Lord be with you.


  29. Dale Friesen says:

    Hey, just thought i’d say thanks for you sharing your story and your great kansasviking website.

    And Im another pastor who follows your blog, and I know several others who do.

    Dale Friesen
    Morden Manitoba Canada

  30. kansasvike says:

    Thank you very much Pastor. I appreciate your comment and glad you like the website.

    Take care.


  31. Phil g says:


    Like you, I grew outside the United States. My parents served as “m” personnel on the island of Java (Indonesia). Funny thing … I never dreamed I’d be back doing the same thing years later. Making disciples is my passion and I can see it must be yours too. I just wanna say, that your viking blog is exactly what this fan needs to stay up-to-date while living some 12,000 miles away from the Metrodome. However, your testimony and heart after God are what convinced me to put your website on my “favorites” list. Hah! I am praying for you as you grow in your walk and honor him with your life.

    By the way…my fellow colleagues and I would love to have you and your family come out for a “m” trip of your own. Perhaps even bring along some of your church folk. We could do some “prayer-walkin” and some in-house visits with “seekers”. Sorry bout all the talkin in code. Just know that Matt. 28:19-20 is unfolding in the capitol city of J. Come see it for yourself…and stay as long as you like!

  32. kansasvike says:

    I would truly love to come see that happening someday, Phil. What a wonderful and glorious experience you must be having. I don’t know how many disciples I’m making but I’m glad you like the website. God pretty much told me that the football site would be the way to reach people with the Faith Blog and you’re living proof of his word.

    Take care of yourself over there and may God Bless.


  33. Kyle Reedstrom says:

    Hello Mike, I am a 19 year old college student and have been a HUGE vikings fan my whole life. My whole family has viking blood running through our veins. I visit your site EVERY day to mare sure im up on all the latest vikings news. Your site is truly a part of my daily life, and that’s why I found this testimony so interesting when I happened to glance at it and couldn’t stop reading. I too have recently been somewhat troubled in my journey as a christian. I have sooo many questions and doubts. Thats why accidentally, sort of tripping over this testimonial and reading your story hit me soo hard. It was almost a way God was tryin to communicate with me through the vikings news I read every day. He truly works in mysterious ways. Thanks again for all you have done. God Bless and go vikes!!

  34. kansasvike says:

    Hello Kyle. Glad you like the site. It’s kind of my little tribute to the Vikings.

    Stay persistent in your faith and the Lord will answer all your questions. He constantly shows me new things and answers questions I have every day. Remember, we can do anything through him who gives us strength. You have a lot of years ahead of you and I know your walk with God will be fruitful.

    Take care and God Bless.


  35. Robert Fleischer says:

    I visit your website three or four times a week. I have been a Vikings fan since Fran Tarkenton’s days. I enjoy the faith blog and enjoyed reading your testimony. I met a good friend of mine (Jim Olsen) through our love of the Vikings. We both realize there is more to life than football. Keep up the good work.
    Take care and God Bless,

  36. kansasvike says:

    Hello Bob. I have made a lot of really good friends through Vikings football, especially in Minnesota. It’s always good to hook up with them. I am traveling to a funeral today, and it’s those kind of times that the important things in life are really brought into focus.

    Glad you like the site and thanks for commenting.
    May God Bless.


  37. MalibuViking says:

    Hey Mike…

    Just now getting a hold of your web-site but it looks like something that will be a great resource. So encouraged to read your testimony as well. It was very moving and encouraging to see how you are following Jesus. God’s best for you going forward.
    I usually get up to Minnesota for one game a year so if things work out it would be great to say hi. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers! Thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph in His name!

    Go Vikes!

  38. kansasvike says:

    Thanks for the well wishes and glad you like the site. I’ve been going to most of the games the last 6 years but won’t be going this year at all. Things have ground to a halt at work. But when things pick back up again we should be able to make a game. I would love to meet up for a game.

    May God bless you and yours.


  39. vikingfan03 says:

    what a truly inspirational story! God works in many ways and through many different avenues, and He has found a way to work through you. i want to thank you for your honesty and your commitment to your walk with God. it serves as a reminder that no one is ever to far from God. i also want to say thank you for your terrific website. i am a huge Vikings fan living in Tennessee, so any information that i can get concerning the team is great. keep up the awesome work!!!

    Rev. Sam Harwell

    SKOL Vikings Forever!!!

  40. kansasvike says:

    Thank you so much for the comments Reverend, they made my day. I’m glad you like both sites. The Viking news should be picking up in the near future and I have a few more posts in the pipe for the Blog.

    Take care and God bless.


  41. Justen Tennant says:

    Thats awsome Mike! I’m very happy for you and hope all goes well in your walk with the Lord! God Bless!

  42. kansasvike says:

    Wow. Thanks Justin. As you know, it’s a growing process. You and Tab are always in our prayers here.

    Take care my brother and God Bless.


  43. What a wonderful testimony Mike! I have been using your website as a reference for Vikings news for a long time now, but this is the first time I have noticed the testimony. What a wonderful surprise to see a touching testimony to God when all I was looking for was Vikings news! Thank you for sharing, and God bless!

    Skol Vikings!

  44. kansasvike says:

    Thank you Paul. Glad you like both sites. The Lord has made such a difference in my life I just felt I needed to add the Faith section to the site. After all, glory and honor go to Him.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and may God Bless.


  45. Mike C says:

    I found your site while looking for info on tonight’s game. God is so good! Thanks for sharing your testimony. I have been a hometown Vikings fan since the 70’s and a Pastor here in Wisconsin for that last 7 years (tough crowd for Vike fans…all in good fun of course). My family and I are moving to the Dominican Republic to serve a missionaries in a few months. I think I’ll be following your site from there too. To God be the Glory!

  46. kansasvike says:

    My condolences Mike for living where you do. I live in the middle of Chief territory and that can be challenging at times too. But it’s all God’s country and that’s what counts. I will be praying for you and your family Mike. Being missionaries is a huge leap of Faith and I commend you for that. My wife and I are planning a missionary trip to Mexico next year for a week. Please keep in touch if you can. I’d like to share experiences with you.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Take care and God Bless.


    You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you
    who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.
    There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for
    you are all one in Christ Jesus.

  47. Tammy (Vikefantam) says:

    Mike, I was thrilled when I saw the “Christian Web Site” appear here.

    Some of what I learned about spirituality came from A.A. God is even quoted at the end of “How It Works” from “The Big Book”:

    “Our description of the alcoholic, the chapter of the agnostic, and our personal adventures before and after make clear three pertinent ideas:

    (a) That we were alcoholic and could not manage our own lives.

    (b) That probably no human power could have relieved our alcoholism.

    (c) That God could and would if He were sought.”

    Mike, without God, I would not be sober today. When my day is going really crappy, things are going wrong left and right, I look back at my morning and realize I forgot to turn my will over to the care of God (it’s a very confusing step for a lot of people -you’re not turning everything over to God – you have made a choice to turn your life and will over to the CARE of God – you still have free choice and are free to screw up as much as you want, but with God’s help, you will be steered on the right path). I feel God is always present in the room with us during our AA meetings.

    I started going back to church about 18 months ago (I missed 3 months recently because I was so severely sick with one infection after another (I let a urinary tract infection go until I became septic, which caused a world of health problems), then the first day I was feeling better, I miscounted the basement steps with a huge load of laundry, fell on the side of my right foot, twisted it upside down and all 115 pounds of me fell on my foot, breaking my driving foot and possibly tearing a tendon – I’m sure an MRI is coming). What amazes me is how people turn away from God when things go wrong. I find my strength in Him. When things get really crappy, I pray.

    On September 21, 2005, we were on our way to my husband’s father’s funeral. It was very very cloudy and pouring down rain. We had an hour’s drive. Along the way, I prayed. Though I know God is busy with lots of other things, I prayed that if there was a way, please let us know that Karl’s dad is okay. There was not one break in the clouds in the sky but all of the sudden, there was a huge, oval-shaped orangish shape in the sky. Hubby and I just stared at it (it was not the sun). Then, we passed a bunch of trees which covered that spot. When we came to a clearing, it was gone.

    One of my favorite sayings sits in an AA meeting in CT. It’s a 2 x 4 with the saying “Alcohol is the 2 x 4 God used to get my attention” engraved into it.

    God is also very present in our AA 12 steps. Step 2 is we came to believe a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity, which God did for me.

    Whether or not some people like it, God is a great power in AA. When people present the argument about evolution, that the earth is only “x” number of years old, I say “Why do you put limits on a limitless God?” Perhaps he created the dinosaurs and such, their life cycle ended, the earth changed and here we are.

    Anyway, Mike. Thanks for this part of the site.

    May God be with you.

    God bless!


  48. Tammy (Vikefantam) says:

    P.S. One of the other things I forgot to mention is “Faith without works is dead.”

    I see miracles every day. I despise the winter and cold temperatures more than anyone I know. Yet, in the winter, I can see the beauty of the snow. Every spring and summer, I see the miracle of flowers blooming, the leaves on the trees, etc. In the fall, I see the miracle of the changing colors of the leaves.

    I had hoped to have the miracle of childbirth but it was not to be. I know God has another plan for me but will only reveal parts of it at a time. I truly believe there is something greater out there for me.

    I am going thru some tough times with my mom (she’s troubled) and am praying for help with that. I know God will come thru. She wrote an unprovoked nasty hate E-mail (she’s very unhappy with herself and spiritually sick), making sure to point out all my character defects, greatly exaggerating some things and said some outright lies. I cried hysterically for 2 days because I could not look at the situation objectively. She destroyed me, as she has done so often. We are still not speaking but I know God will pull me thru this too. And that will be a miracle.

    I see a miracle every day in my pugs. God has created a creature that loves you unconditionally. When I was gravely ill for 3 months, my dogs didn’t care if I only showered every other day because I didn’t have much energy. At one point, when the sepsis was so severe and I was alternating with violent shaking chills followed by being so hot I couldn’t stand it, I remember lying on the couch thinking that though I did not want to die, I was so sick that it would have been okay if I did, as long as I knew someone would take care of my babies). My dogs didn’t care if my hair was combed. They didn’t care about makeup. They didn’t care that I was so sick. They just all snuggled up to me and it was very comforting. All I did for 3 months is work (I work from home, so I just had to amble over to my computer), go to see doctors, the ER, etc. When I finally felt better and started doing the laundry, falling and breaking my foot – the old me would have cursed God because I finally felt better, now I break my foot and couldn’t walk (it was neat, though – my entire foot was Minnesota Viking color and it was so swollen, I actually had a cankle which cracked me up). The new me figured that there was a lesson in this and I knew God was with me.

    I don’t think we’ll see miracles of biblical proportions, at least not now, but I think if you truly look around, you will see miracles everywhere. I have a great husband, a nice house, 2 loving dogs, 2 good incomes, my health again, food, clothing, etc.

    “How Great Thou Art” ?

    (Sorry to make the P.S. so long. I obviously left a lot out of my original post.

  49. kansasvike says:

    Hi Tammy. So good to hear from you. Glad you found the site. I knew of a lot of the struggles you had been going through from your posts at the board. Glad to see you are putting your trust in the one who can really make a difference. After all, we can do anything through Him who gives us strength.

    It’s a wondrous and miraculous thing when you see God answer your prayers. He has for me and I know he has for you. I totally believe God is in the room with you at AA meetings.

    Isaiah 30:21 says:

    Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

    That’s Him steering you in the right direction at those meetings and in life.

    I’m so glad to hear from you Tammy and I’m glad you are doing better now. I will pray for your continued recovery and good health. Oh, and please give the Pugs a pet for Brenda and I. Dogs are such great companions.

    Take care and God Bless


    But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ.
    What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness
    of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things.
    Philippians 3:7

  50. margaret says:

    Hi Mike iam from nunavut and i believe in Jesus .i know a lot of people that don’t know Christ as there savior. i try alot to let people know that God is good He’s been really good to me. I just want to thank him. Take care and God bless

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