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The Numbers

Ahh, the off season. The Dead Zone. That time between the last OTA’s and the start of Training Camp when there is no team activity allowed and almost no football news. It’s also that time of the year for vacations.

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Site Content Statement

A lot of people come to my website for the latest Vikings news and team information. This season you may have come here and noticed that the current “breaking news” story is not anywhere to be found. If you have … Continue reading

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What’s it to Ya?

What’s it to ya? That is a phrase we used a lot when I was growing up, especially in the early 60’s. It basically was saying “what business is it of yours” or “it’s none of your business.” If you … Continue reading

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The Unopened Gift

When I was growing up at home my father used to play tricks on me at Christmas time. He might wrap a very big box and put a heavy weight in it so that I was constantly guessing what it … Continue reading

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