The Numbers

The Numbers

Ahh, the off season. The Dead Zone. That time between the last OTA’s and the start of Training Camp when there is no team activity allowed and almost no football news. It’s also that time of the year for vacations.

Up until last year we spent 3 consecutive years rafting the Arkansas River in Colorado. All three years we took part in an all-day trip down Browns Canyon. Browns Canyon has been declared a National Monument and it is one of the most beautiful day trips that you can imagine. There are some serious rapids on this trip especially if the water is up and running fast, but there is also long stretches where you can float and just enjoy some incredible scenery.

Our last year there we took two trips. Our first one was through Browns Canyon and the second one was through what is known as The Numbers. The Numbers section of the Arkansas River is made up of seven major rapids and is the most continuous section of whitewater on the entire Arkansas river. It’s also one of the preferred Class V training and competition runs of many World Class kayakers. Prior experience rafting is recommended and you have very little time to rest coming out of one rapid before you hit the next one. It is nonstop action. To give you and idea of the difference in the two trips, you spend a lot of time in Browns Canyon thanking the Lord for His creation and the awesome beauty of the trip. In The Numbers you spend what little time you have praying that everyone can stay in the raft and you get through the next rapid without drowning. There is always an experienced guide at the back of the raft, calling out instructions and steering the raft. As long as you listen to him you come out of each rapid without much problem.

Much of our life and walk with the Lord can be like a day float down Browns Canyon. We go to church, we worship, we have a great prayer life, our job is going well, our health is good and everything just seems to lazily float along without much problem or concern. But sooner or later you hit that stretch of The Numbers where you are getting slammed from one direction after another, you don’t hardly have time to catch your breath before the next incident hits you and there are strong currents from every direction trying to pull you from God’s will and off course into danger. These currents try to pull us away from Jesus and the teachings of the Bible.

In life, just like on a rafting trip we listen to our guide, the person steering the raft. We follow his instructions and guidance doing exactly as he says even when the current is going the opposite direction. That guide in this life is Jesus Christ and His Word. If we place our totally trust in Him and follow Him, he will guide us through to our destination. If Jesus isn’t guiding your raft and you want to talk about how you can have a relationship with Him, just click the Contact Me link at the top of the site page and I’d be happy to talk with you.

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